Frequnetly Asked Questions

What is the Boise Buzz Bike?

The Boise Buzz Bike is a 15 passenger pedal powered bicycle bar. This party on wheels is perfect for team building events and any type of party you are looking to celebrate. 

How much does it cost?

All of our private tours are a minimum of two hours. Each tour is $300.00. With 15 people this is only $20.00 a person! 

How many people does it hold?

The Boise Buzz Bike holds sixteen people total. One captain and fifteen passengers. There are ten seats with pedals, two without pedals, and a bench for three. 

Can I drink Alcohol on the Buzz Bike?

Yes! The Boise Buzz Bike is BYOB. Beer is NOT included and Boise Buzz Bike does not provide any alcohol at all. YOU can bring beer, wine, cider, or hard lemonade in cans, plastic, or boxed. There are no glass containers allowed. Please no hard liquor of any form. 

Who drives?

We provide the driver you provide the pedaling. 

Is there any music?

Of course! Bring your smart phone or favorite device to connect to our Bluetooth sound system! 

What does a tour consist of?

  • A fun, safe, and entertaining guide
  • Cups for your beverages 
  • Cooler for your drinks
  • Music

What if I need to cancel my ride?

That would be a huge bummer. We do understand that things come up and we do offer a few options. 

  • All Bookings are final within 48 hours of your scheduled booking time. 
  • Cancelations 7 or more days from your scheduled booking date will be offered a full refund or the option to reschedule their tour.  
  • Cancelations 
  • Any cancelations within 7 days and outside of 48 hours will be offered the option to reschedule their tour. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard through our online booking system. Check out our Book Now tab! 

Where does the Buzz Bike launch?

Boise Buzz Bike launches and ends at 5th and Bannock. There are several parking lots for paid parking in the area, as well as plenty of metered parking available. The Buzz Bike can get around mostly anywhere downtown and is happy to stop at your favorite spot. You can choose your own route as long as it's approved by the driver or take one of our recommended routes. 

Whats up with the liablity waiver?

Riding the Boise Buzz Bike is no more dangerous then riding any other bike but with any bike ride there are potential hazards. Your driver will do their best to provide a safe party environment. We have you sign a waiver in order to accept responsibility while enjoying yourself on the Buzz Bike. 

How do I Know if the Buzz Bike is available?

Check out our book now tab!